Are clorox automatic toilet bowl cleaner (bleach tablets) bad for my plumbing?

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Myron asked:

These bleach tablets go into the toilet’s reservoir, thus providing a continuous supply of bleached water to the bowl. My pipes are made of copper.

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not sure about the copper but you will have to continuously replace the interior workings of the tank-
eats the rubber…makes water flow constantly….


any bleach is bad for your toilet pipes, but peroxide is a safer thing to use .and will whiten and clean the toilet bowl as good as new you can get peroxide at supermarkets


Do you have city water or Septic tank?
Bleach is bad for a septic tank.
You might call lowes or somewhere and ask them about to bleach and copper pipes.


Your drain pipes are not copper. They are either cast iron, or more likely PVC pipe.


bleach shouldn’t do anything to your plumbing. I think you’re safe to continue putting the automatic toilet bowl cleaner tablets in your toilet.


Plastic and ruber are chemicaly resistant, think about it .. the chemical resistant gloves sold at the hardware stores are made of ruber. Don’t worry about the plumbing inside the tank!


Their useless junk. get your hands dirty with a rag and use bleach and laundry getergent and scrub bubba scrub.

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