How much does a plumber charge to come unclog a drain?

hernandezgirl asked:

I think that there is a sock or something clogging my sink drain. All chemical drain clearing products have not worked. Does anyone know how much it costs to have a plumber come to your house and fix this problem?? Better yet, does anyone know how to fix this problem??

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about 70 dollars per hour flat rate.
Go to home depot and buy a drain snake and do it your self.
Then use the drain cleaner to flush out what is left.


I paid more than 200$ and that was 10years ago!

May 15th, 2009 at 8:41 pm

i dont knoe but i heard they make good money so that means it costs lots, so probably around $20 an hour


I will clean your pipes for free


Hiring a plumber may be expensive but check out this Do It Yourself site. (Shown Below)


It depends where you live. I recently had a bad clog in my shower drain that I could not fix on my own and my plumber charged me $117 for his services. I am in the NY metro area though so everything is expensive.


This one time, this plumber unblocked a certain drain but it wasn’t inanimate; in fact it was attached to his person.



call a roto-rooter instead.

BE VERY VERY CAREFUL doing it yourself. The acid from the stuff you put in the drain can build up pressure and when you open the pipes they can spray acid on your face/eyes. That is the #1 thing plumbers are cautious about.


You don’t need a plumber, you need a drain cleaner; roto-rooter, ask for the price before work begins, and about the guaranty, usually 65-70.

May 30th, 2009 at 7:34 pm

CLR Power Plumber – compressed air in a can. I’ve used it several times and it has always unclogged the drain. It is available at Ace Hardware stores.


TOO MUCH! Do it your self. Go to Home Depot and ask what you should do. You can even rent the equipment that a plumber would use; a snake. They can show you how to use it too and it won’t cost you 40-80hr!


I am wondering how a sock could get down a small hole?

Nonetheless – Wal-Mart sell a product in their plumbing department called Main Line Cleaner @ $10/ gallon

have used it on sinks, bath tub, and even put a quart down the
rain gutter – and it cleared that!

works overnight – flush with hot water

all the best !


If you are handy around the house I would try to fix it yourself, plumbers can run between $70 to$90 per hr. Turn off the water to your house(There will be a spot in your yard that had a cover on it. Usually by the sidewalks) Look under your sink and just take off the pipe off to your sink. It will look somewhat like a “U”shape. (see pic below) See if it is cleared out. If it is not then you will need to call the plumber

You could also try taking a toliet plunger and plunging the sink to see if that clears anything up….I just dont see how a sock would fit down your sink drain


As for as how much it all depends where you live. Anywhere from fifty to ninety an hour. Maybe you can fix it yourself if it is just a sock. If the water backs up as soon as you put it in than you can probally take the p-trap apart under the sink. If it takes awhile to back up you’ll have to spring for a plumber.Good luck.


I just had this done yesterday and paid $75.00. I live in the midwest, NW Ohio.
I did not use a plumber but selected a small company that specializes in drain cleaning.
He used a ‘snake’ and went directly into the sink with it. took less than 15 minutes. The drain now works fine.

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