Is pipe thread stick the same a plumber’s putty?

Fisher asked:

I am trying to install a new sink popout. I know I need to apply plumber’s putty under the rim. I have pipe stick thread- can this be used? Or do I have to run to the hardware store to get extra plumber’s putty?

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No, they are not the same.

Get the putty it is cheap.


You need the plumbers putty. The stick is for lubricating the threads on pipe. I prefer teflon tape over the stick though. Roll the plumbers putty into a “worm” and place it around the bottom of the flange and press in place. Tighten it up and then remove the putty that squishes out.


Make sure you use plumbers putty. It acts like an “O” ring. Pipe thread will not be thick enough to make a proper seal. You also do not have to use a whole lot as it may be to thick and not seal properly. I usually roll some between both hands at about the size of a roll of dimes.


I don’t think so.

Pipe thread stick is a solid material used to seal the gap between the male and female threads of pipes and fittings. You scrape it on the threads like a crayon.

Plumber’s putty is more like a soft clay material used to fill gaps between porcelain sinks and plumbing fixtures such as faucets, spouts and drains. I think the putty has linseed oil to keep it pliable and from drying out.

Scoop out a wad of putty, roll it between your hands to make a rope, then mold on the sink at the drain location. Install the drain & popout, tighten the nut from below and the putty will squeeze out to fill the gap. Wipe away any excess putty and save it in the jar for another day. Smooth the putty and you’re done.


No they are not the same thing! You need to use plumbers putty and it’s not that expensive! You will certainly be glad you ran back to store to get it!


you need putty
you can use anything from pipe dope to silicone but
you need putty


NO! They are not the same! Go get some putty!

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