What is a plumber’s snake called with a handle on one end and a small retractable claw on the other?

emscatdoodle asked:

I can’t find this type of snake anywhere. I’m not sure it’s even a plumber’s snake. But when you press a button on the handle a small retractable claw comes out the other end. This is usually good for bathroom clogs. Does anyone know where to get one? or if these are known as something else?? Please help!

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an plumbers’ auger, maybe. I know what you are describing, just not sure of what it’s called.


Try Home Depot they should have it. Or a plumbing supply house.


I have one, but I don’t know what it is called.
I bought mine from a snap-on tool truck for dropped tools while working on cars.
maybe a tool retriever?


hi,when i got mine it was in a set of three for around £10, two different lengths with grabbers, and one with a magnet. they were called flexible grabbers,for retrieving dropped bolts/tools from hard to reach places,but i surpose you could use them to unblock drains if a plunger isnt working.most DIY shops have them,but i got mine from a shop that has all sorts of things. they are proberally dearer from DIY shops.shops like pound strecher. if it is a tool just for unblocking drains, you will be better with a plumbers snake,which are made of the same flexy stuff, and you put it in a drill and push it gently into your plughole and turn on your drill, and push in and out. do not force it, but it should give your pipes a good cleaning(oo er).
if you are using a plunger have you remembered to cover your overflow with a wet cloth, put water in the bath,and go for it,because when plunging the water will just be going up and down the overflow pipe.hope this helps,and you get it sorted.also if you do need to buy one,try a plumbers merchant,i’m not calling the person who said try snap-on but it will be dear from them,it would be top quality but if you only need it to use every now and then,i would try and find a cheeper one.GOOD LUCK


It is called a” toilet auger or clost auger”. It is listed in catalogs under both names. Some even call it a “water clost auger”. Most plumbers call it a ‘snake’ as slang. Check with a company called”Plumbers Supply”. You can Google for easy contact.


It’s called a pick-up tool. Smaller Hardware Stores have them,such as True Value,Ace,Do it Best. I’ve never seen them at the Depot, or Lowes. Buy

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